LEMOINE Announces Acquisition of Macro Companies


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LEMOINE, a Bernhard Capital Partners portfolio company and a leading full-service construction management and disaster recovery firm, announced today that it has acquired Macro Companies, one of the largest emergency fuel and water suppliers in the world.  


Operating for nearly 100 years, Macro Companies is a family-owned and operated business based in Broussard, LA, that has responded to approximately 150 disaster events across the U.S., as well as in Puerto Rico and Haiti. The company manages and maintains the industry’s largest company-owned fleet of specialized fuel transportation and dispensing vehicles.


This transaction strengthens LEMOINE’s position as a global leader in emergency preparedness, disaster recovery and community resilience. The company currently operates four service lines: disaster servicesbuilding constructionprogram services and infrastructure. LEMOINE’s acquisition of Macro, in addition to previous investments in Workforce Group and DCMC Partners, brings together more than 600 employees able to offer a complete suite of services to critical industries and governments preparing for and responding to natural disasters and emergencies.


“This service expansion is critical for LEMOINE in providing full-coverage emergency preparedness and disaster recovery services that create stronger, more resilient communities around the world,” said Lenny Lemoine, LEMOINE CEO. “In times of emergency, water and fuel become the lifelines of a community and its first responders, and Macro Companies brings unparalleled experience managing logistics, transportation, and distribution. This vital service combined with LEMOINE’s expertise in construction and disaster management uniquely positions our firm to deliver superior value to the communities and customers we serve, particularly in health care and mission-critical industries.”


“For nearly 100 years, Macro Companies and the McElligott family have upheld a longstanding commitment to the communities we serve in times of need—a commitment that will only be strengthened by this partnership,” said Richard McElligott, president of Macro Companies. “Our success has only been possible through the dedication of our employees and clients. We are excited to partner with Bernhard Capital Partners and LEMOINE, a company we respect and admire, because we share similar values. Our teams recognize the critical nature of the services we provide in times of need—when failure is not an option, commitment is non-negotiable, and our clients need a full-service provider they can trust.”


Macro’s location in the Gulf Coast and historic investments in people, technology and equipment have resulted in decades of experience and unmatched expertise responding to natural and man-made disasters. Macro Companies services include potable water; a unique fleet of military-grade, all-terrain and high-water vehicles; aviation fueling; and industry-leading electronic data capture on a specialized mobile fueling application, used during and after disasters.


Richard McElligott will continue to serve as president of Macro Companies, and Bill McElligott will continue to serve as Vice President. Additionally, the existing leadership team will remain in place and the organization will remain headquartered in Broussard, LA.



LEMOINE, a Louisiana-based ENR Top-400 Contractor with nearly 50 years of experience across the Southern United States, has a long-standing, healthy core practice in commercial construction that has become a foundation for setting and executing strategic goals for expansion to adjacent and complementary business lines. LEMOINE Disaster Services, a service line of LEMOINE, has built a strong foundation supporting governmental entities with disaster recovery, including short-term and long-term recovery programs funded by FEMA and HUD. They have provided exceptional service in repairing and reconstructing thousands of homes across the southeast U.S. and Puerto Rico.


In 2019, Bernhard Capital Partners (BCP) acquired a significant financial interest in LEMOINE, catapulting LEMOINE’s expansion of a platform to deliver large-scale disaster recovery projects and pursue new delivery models. BCP is a private equity investment firm providing capital to growth companies within the energy, industrial, and infrastructure services sectors. BCP was founded in 2013 by Jim Bernhard, former Chairman and CEO of the Shaw Group, and Jeff Jenkins.



Macro Companies Incorporated is a versatile fuel, water, and transportation provider with specialized equipment capable of hauling a wide range of products and materials throughout the United States. From aviation fuel to petrochemicals, Macro Companies combines highly experienced personnel with a fleet of specialized trucks and equipment to provide customers with outstanding transport services.

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LEMOINE Team Members Obtain Certificate of Management – Lean Construction

LEMOINE is a firm believer that there is no such thing as overcommunication on a project. At the field level, we utilize Lean principles to empower our Trade Partners and provide a collaborative environment. Lean is a process that is used to manage construction planning and scheduling in a more reliable manner. It maximizes the performance of the construction team by controlling their productivity rates by relying on trust, cooperation, and teamwork. The effect creates a better flow of work, higher production, quicker schedule, lower cost, and more accountability for each team member without affecting quality.

As we have experienced continued success with Lean Construction practices at our projects, we continue to find ways to increase specialized training for our Team Members. The Associated General Contractors of America offers a Certificate of Management – Lean Construction credential program. In order to be eligible to participate, individuals must successfully complete the seven Lean Construction Education Program Courses. They then must successfully pass a challenging exam to prove their knowledge of and understanding of concepts related to Lean Construction adoption, practice, and process transformation.

The certification is valid for three years and in order to renew, individuals must participate in 30 hours of Lean Construction related continuing education hours.

We asked Sean L., LEMOINE Senior Superintendent, “Since participating in the training and obtaining your Certificate of Management – Lean Construction, how have you approached the projects that you lead for LEMOINE differently?” This was his response:

“The biggest difference I have found is the level of input from the trade community in schedule development, plan development, and task execution. Prior to learning Lean Construction principals, most of our planning efforts were done internally with little opportunity for trade input. Now, trade input is a key resource that we leverage to ensure the highest level of success for our projects.”

LEMOINE Team Members are encouraged to participate in the program to ensure our projects are as successful as possible. Currently, there are 11 holders of the Certificate of Management – Lean Construction located in Louisiana. We are extremely proud to say that of those 11, 8 of them completed their certification through LEMOINE’S aggressive Certificate of Management – Lean Construction program. Departments that have successfully pursued the certification include Corporate Scheduling, Building Construction, Infrastructure, and Virtual Design Construction.

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LEMOINE Certificate of Management – Lean Construction Holders

We look forward to seeing this number grow within LEMOINE, and to seeing the positive effects it will have on our projects throughout Louisiana.

DCMC Partners Successfully Obligates $17M FEMA Funds for Lady of the Sea General Hospital

DCMC Partners, a LEMOINE company, is pleased to have supported Lady of the Sea General Hospital (LOSGH) in Cut Off, Louisiana, by helping them to secure over $17 million in FEMA funds to cover emergency costs in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. This funding includes over $14 million to assist in building a new temporary hospital facility, which will reestablish inpatient hospital services for the South Lafourche community until such time that repair or replacement of the existing hospital building can be completed.

On August 29, 2021, Hurricane Ida heavily damaged the roof of the hospital causing extensive damage in the three-story building, as well as other buildings on campus. This resulted in over $55 million in estimated damages to the hospital building alone. Since the storm, ER and Outpatient services have been restored using other buildings around campus. The ability to bring back in-patient services to the community, while also providing outpatient services in the same building will go a long way in reestablishing the critical access hospital to its pre-storm level of service.


DCMC Partners began assisting LOSGH shortly after Hurricane Ida’s landfall, providing helpful advice to stabilize the situation and document the emergency costs incurred so that they could receive reimbursement. DCMC also leveraged its relationships with FEMA and the State of Louisiana to prepare a successful justification for the temporary facilities that were just approved. The company continues to support LOSGH in their efforts to obtain funding for permanent repairs which will make their hospital more resilient in the face of future disasters.

Utilizing DCMC Partners’ expertise and relationships with both FEMA and the State of Louisiana has made a difference in advancing this project and restoring healthcare services in Lafourche Parish. ”We appreciate the assistance we have received from DCMC Partners, as we address our challenges and recovery efforts. This assistance has been invaluable in accomplishing a speedy funding obligation for our temporary hospital from FEMA, enabling us to resume hospital services for our community in the near future,” said Karen Collins, CEO of LOSGH.

DCMC Partners is proud to continue helping our clients secure and obligate money for local communities to be prepared for a more resilient future. #confidenceduringcrisis #1LEMOINE #TheRightPeople


LEMOINE ranks among Top 200 Contractors Nationwide

LEMOINE climbs 50 spots on Engineering News-Record (ENR) Top 400 Contractor List; Ranks No. 186 in the Nation.


LEMOINE was recently featured on ENR’s Top 400 Contractors List recording revenues of $522.2 million.  The firm is joined by 5 other Louisiana-based companies including Turner Industries Group, APTIM, Boh Bros., Allied Power, and Cajun Industries.  LEMOINE remains the No. 1 general building contractor in the state of Louisiana.  Additional areas of revenue include disaster services, water supply, sewerage/ solid waste, and transportation.  

Read the full article here.

LEMOINE Congratulates Superintendent Lance C. on His Retirement

LEMOINE Congratulates Superintendent Lance C. on His Retirement 8

LEMOINE congratulates Lance C., on his recent retirement and celebrates his contributions to both the organization and construction industry.

Lance has been a valued member of the LEMOINE family since 2009 as a Superintendent with Building Construction. He has provided leadership on many projects, most recently the Central High School and West Jefferson Medical Center projects.

When asked about his experience working with Lance, Cole D., Project Manager said, “Lance’s best quality in my opinion was that he always had his team’s back. Whether that be holding a sub accountable for missed scope or making sure the right people knew when someone on the team was performing well.  Even if he disagreed with my tactics or decisions sometimes, he respected them.”

According to many members of Lance’s teams, his favorite catch phrase was “Finished with that.” “Lance always said when it’s done it’s done. Move past it and on to the next issue to be resolved. Don’t dwell on it and become counterproductive. It’s still a phrase our team uses all the time. In fact, we have a weekly huddle where we go over issues, and when they are complete, they get moved to the ‘Finished with That’ spreadsheet,” says Senior Superintendent, Carl H.

When asked what core value Lance most represents, Carl said, “Relationships – Lance has a genuine way of treating all employees on the jobsite, regardless of status, tenure, or position with the same respect. He appreciates everyone for what value they add to the job and makes efforts to thank them for their work and show appreciation for what they bring to the table. He shared his wealth of knowledge with the rest of us to help our growth. He would never expect or ask anyone to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself, and I think that helped him grow interpersonal relationships and trust amongst the rest of the team.”

From everyone at One LEMOINE, thank you for everything, Lance!  We wish you well!

LEMOINE Recognized as a Fastest Growing Company by New Orleans City Business

In May, New Orleans City Business released the five Fastest Growing Companies in the New Orleans area, ranking LEMOINE at #3. The five featured companies reported the largest percentage increase in revenue over the past three years.


LEMOINE has experienced a 78% growth in revenue since 2019 ($293.8 million) as of the end of 2021 ($522.2 million). This exponential growth is due in large part to monumental projects such as the campus transformation of Children’s Hospital New Orleans ($300 million), the LSU Greenhouse Phase II student housing project ($200 million), and the LFT Airport Terminal ($100 million).


“Health care and education have always been two of the biggest producing sectors of our construction work since our company was founded, and we continue to see a growing demand for our clients expanding their services and wanting to build modern, state of the art facilities,” said William L., President of Building Construction.

LEMOINE also launched Disaster Services to aid clients in disaster mitigation planning, grant management, and recovery efforts.

“We mobilize our teams quickly to regions in need of disaster recovery coordination, hazard mitigation and grant management and preparedness support for government, commercial, nonprofit and residential clients,” Will said.

When asked about challenges that could impact the current growth trajectory of the construction industry Will cited skilled labor needs and rising inflation.

“Our level of work is exceeding pre-pandemic levels, and that is a trend in the entire construction industry. Work is not slowing down, so the need for skilled labor and trained personnel will be essential to continue to properly staff our jobs,” Lemoine said. “The rates of which material prices and inflation have increased have been unprecedented in my professional career, and we are working with clients more than ever to sufficiently fund projects without delay. That consistent communication and collaboration will be critical over the year to come.”

Read the full article here: https://neworleanscitybusiness.com/blog/2022/05/04/fastest-growing-companies-3-lemoine/

Bryan O. Joins ENR Texas Louisiana to Break Down the Baton Rouge City Scoop

LEMOINE Vice President of Building Construction, Bryan O., joined ENR Texas Louisiana to break down the construction forecast in last month’s edition of Baton Rouge City Scoop.


“Many industrial, turnaround and expansion projects that were postponed during 2020-2021 are now underway,” says Bryan. This brings renewed confidence that the construction industry in Baton Rouge is trending toward recovery following the COVID-19 Pandemic. Additionally, Bryan notes that there are ongoing discussions and planning for a monumental project with potential to majorly impact Baton Rouge: a new Mississippi River bridge including a high-speed passenger rail to New Orleans. For LEMOINE specifically, the recently completed BTR9 distribution center and the ongoing expansion and renovation at the Baton Rouge Zoo and Greenwood Park, have been exciting efforts in the Baton Rouge market in recent years.

211101 2

Ongoing concerns with rising interest rates and material pricing escalation and distribution delays are ever present. While these factors pose challenges to current and future projects, Bryan remains optimistic about the Baton Rouge construction forecast.

“All things considered, we are optimistic and bullish on our continued growth in the Baton Rouge region and beyond.”

Read more here: https://www.enr.com/articles/54193-may-2022-city-scoop-baton-rouge

LEMOINE Congratulates Superintendent Ramiro S. On His Retirement

LEMOINE congratulates Ramiro S., on his recent retirement and celebrates his contributions to both the organization and construction industry.

Ramiro has been a valued member of the LEMOINE family since early 2018 as a Superintendent with Disaster Services. He has assisted and led numerous projects which resulted in many happy homeowners. He shares, “Seeing their smiles during key turnovers made the work well worth it.”


When asked about his experience working with Ramiro, Andrew S., Vice President of Disaster Services said, “Working with Ramiro was very enjoyable. When he joined Disaster Services, the average median age of employee at the time was about 27 years old. Having a team member with a depth of experience in both life and construction was very welcome. His disposition of calmness was appreciated in the office and inside our applicants’ homes. Ramiro was the first face each homeowner would see, recognize, and trust to deliver their projects. He would help them through the process of plan selections and capture site specific scopes of work that needed to be completed. The amount of windshield time across Louisiana, Texas, and North Carolina this man put in for our company is astounding. We wish him well in retirement!”

Ramiro plans on tackling his never-ending Honey-Do list, and his advice to all is “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

From everyone at One LEMOINE, thank you for everything, Ramiro!  We wish you well!

LEMOINE Congratulates Estimating Admin. Belinda R. on Her Retirement

LEMOINE congratulates Estimating Admin., Belinda R., on her recent retirement and celebrates her contributions to both the organization and construction industry.

Belinda has been a valued member of the LEMOINE family since early 2006. She has left her mark in Reception, Accounting, and finally Estimating. Belinda is thankful for the opportunity to explore her skills in various departments and grow so much with each one. She shares, “The time spent with the people in the estimating department, as well as everyone in the office, has been like watching my own children grow up. I am proud of them all for their accomplishments”.


When asked, “What core value do you feel Belinda most represents?” J.D. King, Regional Director of Preconstruction said, “Relationships. Mrs. Belinda was always willing to help and do it with a smile. She never made you feel like you were a burden and would get more upset when you wouldn’t ask for help! She always represented LEMOINE well in the trade partner community and will be greatly missed!”

Belinda’s favorite memory with LEMOINE is bid days. She explains that while they were a lot of work, she loved seeing everyone work together and celebrate at the end of a winning bid or recognizing our efforts as a team when we were unsuccessful.

Belinda would like to give special thanks to Van Champagne, “He has given me so much support over the years and I will never forget that”. Belinda also recognizes Don Broussard as impacting her career by teaching her about being detailed and caring about the quality of work a person does. In difficult situations, she often thinks of how he would best handle it.

Belinda’s biggest piece of advice is to be a team player. “There should not be any job that you don’t do just because ‘it’s not my job’. Enjoy every day and spread happiness to those around you”.

From everyone at ONE LEMOINE, thank you for everything, Belinda!  We wish you well!

LEMOINE Helps Crack Piggy Banks at Hogs for the Cause


On April 1st and 2nd, LEMOINE participated in the 14th annual Hogs for the Cause Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our team, #FamounOnInstaham, hosted a 40’ x 40’ tent, with an adjacent stage and seating area. Our pitmaster, Justin, prepared all of the meat and as usual, our #LEGGO My Eggrolls and Not Your #BASIC Nachos were our most popular items.

#FamousOnInstaham became a collaboration this year, with Children’s Hospital of New Orleans (https://www.chnola.org/) joining forces with us for the first time at Hogs for the Cause. To celebrate, 3 Dolla Bill (https://www.facebook.com/3DollaBill/) played on our stage after the close of the main stages. This was the perfect way to celebrate all the time and dedication our team put into the event

Hogs for the Cause is a year-round fundraising nonprofit supporting families impacted by pediatric brain cancer. Their mission reads, “Provide assistance to families with children battling brain cancer by engaging the community through barbecue culture.” More than 1,000 families across the country have received direct grants from the organization, while more than $2.2 million have been granted to hospital programs and other public charities.

Started in 2009 to support one local family, the Hogs for the Cause festival has grown from a gathering of 200 people roasting a single pig, to a crowd of 30,000+ volunteers and attendees, 20 live music performances, and 90 competing barbeque teams! In 2021 the event raised a jaw dropping nearly $3 million- with limited capacity, and just nine months later, the 2022 event raised an additional $2.6 million!

Furthering their mission, Hogs for the Cause and Children’s Hospital engaged LEMOINE to transform a structure into the Hogs House in 2018 (https://hogsforthecause.org/hogs-house/). The House acts as an extension of the hospital’s healing environment, by providing a comforting place for families to stay while their child is receiving care. The House offers 13 private family suites, 2 family lounges, kitchen spaces, and a laundry room. 

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Team members love supporting Hogs for the Cause because it is fun, delicious, and most importantly, it supports families in need all over the country. Team #FamousOnInstaham is already planning for next year, with some new menu items and twists on the classics. We look forward to seeing you at the Hogs for the Cause Festival in 2023. Oink!