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LEMOINE Team Members Obtain Certificate of Management – Lean Construction

LEMOINE is a firm believer that there is no such thing as overcommunication on a project. At the field level, we utilize Lean principles to empower our Trade Partners and provide a collaborative environment. Lean Construction is a process that is used to manage construction planning and scheduling in a more reliable manner. It maximizes the performance of the construction team by controlling their productivity rates by relying on trust, cooperation, and teamwork. The effect creates a better flow of work, higher production, quicker schedule, lower cost, and more accountability for each team member without affecting quality.

As we have experienced continued success with Lean Construction practices at our projects, we continue to find ways to increase specialized training for our Team Members. The Associated General Contractors of America offers a Certificate of Management – Lean Construction credential program. In order to be eligible to participate, individuals must successfully complete the seven Lean Construction Education Program Courses. They then must successfully pass a challenging exam to prove their knowledge of and understanding of concepts related to Lean Construction adoption, practice, and process transformation.

The certification is valid for three years and in order to renew, individuals must participate in 30 hours of Lean Construction related continuing education hours.

We asked Sean L., LEMOINE Senior Superintendent, “Since participating in the training and obtaining your Certificate of Management – Lean Construction, how have you approached the projects that you lead for LEMOINE differently?” This was his response:

“The biggest difference I have found is the level of input from the trade community in schedule development, plan development, and task execution. Prior to learning Lean Construction principals, most of our planning efforts were done internally with little opportunity for trade input. Now, trade input is a key resource that we leverage to ensure the highest level of success for our projects.”

LEMOINE Team Members are encouraged to participate in the program to ensure our projects are as successful as possible. Currently, there are 11 holders of the Certificate of Management – Lean Construction located in Louisiana. We are extremely proud to say that of those 11, 8 of them completed their certification through LEMOINE’S aggressive Certificate of Management – Lean Construction program. Departments that have successfully pursued the certification include Corporate Scheduling, Building Construction, Infrastructure, and Virtual Design Construction.

Lean 1
LEMOINE Certificate of Management – Lean Construction Holders

We look forward to seeing this number grow within LEMOINE, and to seeing the positive effects it will have on our projects throughout Louisiana.

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