Building Sustainability: LEMOINE’s Triumph with UL-Lafayette’s Student Union, City’s First LEED-Certified Project

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ULL Student Union - LEED Silver

In today’s era of rapid urbanization and heightened environmental awareness, the construction industry stands at the forefront of change. As communities seek greener alternatives and sustainable solutions, the role of contractors becomes pivotal in shaping a future where architecture harmonizes with nature. Partnering with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, we showcased our commitment to sustainable development through Lafayette’s first LEED-certified project – the ULL Student Union.


What is LEED?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification stands as a hallmark of excellence in green building practices. Achieving this recognition signifies a dedication to energy efficiency, resource conservation, and environmental responsibility. For UL Lafayette, obtaining LEED certification for its Student Union marked a significant milestone, aligning with its vision of fostering a more sustainable campus environment.

This was an ambitious project, and we took on the challenge. Leveraging our expertise to blend innovative design with environmental consciousness. From the project’s inception, sustainability remained at the forefront of every decision, guiding the construction process towards a greener, more eco-friendly outcome.

One of the key features of the UL Lafayette Student Union is its energy-efficient design. We ensured the integration of cutting-edge technologies and building techniques to minimize energy consumption while maximizing performance. From energy-efficient lighting systems to advanced HVAC solutions, every aspect was meticulously planned to reduce the building’s carbon footprint without compromising functionality or comfort.

Moreover, the project prioritized the use of sustainable materials, sourced locally whenever possible, to reduce transportation emissions and support the regional economy. The project team’s commitment to sustainability extended beyond construction, encompassing waste management practices that minimized the project’s impact on the environment. More than 77 percent of the debris generated during the demolition work was recycled.  The recycled material amounted to more than 440 tons of metal and 11,504 tons of concrete.

Beyond its environmental benefits, the LEED-certified Student Union at UL Lafayette serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the construction industry. We partnered closely with architects, engineers, and university stakeholders to bring the vision to life, fostering a spirit of teamwork and shared purpose throughout the project.

ULL student union LEED award

The completion of the Student Union marked not only a physical transformation of the campus landscape but, also a symbolic shift towards a more sustainable future. As students, faculty, and visitors stepped into the vibrant, eco-friendly space, they were not only greeted by modern amenities but, also reminded of the university’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

LEMOINE’s success with the UL Lafayette Student Union exemplifies the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of sustainable construction. By demonstrating that green building practices can be both feasible and cost-effective, we hope to inspire others in the industry to follow suit, catalyzing a broader movement towards sustainability in construction projects nationwide.

As we look ahead to a future shaped by climate change and environmental challenges, initiatives like the LEED-certified Student Union serve as beacons of hope, showcasing what is possible when innovation and sustainability converge. Through their partnership with UL Lafayette, LEMOINE has not only built a structure but also laid the foundation for a greener, more resilient community—one brick at a time.

LEMOINE Program Services Assists with Cullman City School’s Capital Improvement Plan

Cullman City Schools is one of 132 school districts in the state of Alabama. The school system has over 3,000 students in five schools. The schools are Cullman High School (Grades 9-12), Cullman Middle School (Grades 7-8), East Elementary School (Grades 2-6), West Elementary School (Grades 2-6), and Cullman City Primary School (Grades K-1). Cullman City Schools also hosts the Cullman City Head Start Program at their Primary School.

Cullman has also been ranked the second highest “micropolitan” in the nation for the past two years, according to Site Selection Magazine. As the area’s population has grown, and as technology and learning environments have evolved, the Board of Education has worked to develop a comprehensive plan to address student safety and growth within the Cullman City School System.

Our Services: Advisory Audit + Controls Dispute Resolution Energy + Sustainability Facilities Consulting Preconstruction Services


Rendering of Cullman City Primary School by Lathan and Associates. 


LEMOINE Program Services – Comprehensive Program Management Solutions:

Due to the complexity of the capital improvement plan, LEMOINE Program Services was engaged in the process to work with Lathan and Associates and all project stakeholders to provide program management services. The group began with advising and facility consulting services, creating overall program goals, schedules, and budgets. LEMOINE’s primary objective is to satisfy capital program demands, ensuring that Cullman City Schools accomplishes their mission, with full guidance and confidence every step of the way.


Cullman Middle School Rendering by Lathan and Associates

Phase I:

The complex, comprehensive plan includes the adjustment of the grade configuration of the school system to Pre-K – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 8, and 9 – 12. Currently, Cullman City Schools includes 2 elementary campuses, East and West. The overall adjustment will include a dedicated pre-K school, an elementary school, an intermediate school, a middle school, and a high school. To achieve value, several of the existing school buildings are being renovated and re-used to achieve this plan.

Phase I of the project began with Cullman City Primary School and Cullman Middle School. The primary school project included the addition of a 12-classroom wing, a multipurpose building, and a cafeteria/ kitchen. This project also included the development of a second roadway exit, the conversion of the old cafeteria to additional classroom space, and the transition of all 2nd grade students in August of 2023. The middle school project includes the addition of a 16-18 classroom building which will include a new library, agriscience area, performing arts area, and administrative offices. The project also entails the removal of an existing round building and an old agriculture building, interior upgrades, and the transition of all 6th-grade students in August of 2025.

Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Cullman Middle School, January 2024

Later phases of the capital improvement plan will involve converting one of the existing primary schools into the new Cullman Intermediate School, conversion of the other primary school to a standalone pre-K program, the addition of the Career Technical Education/ STEM Wing to the High School, and other educational improvements.

As the capital improvement plan continues to unfold over the upcoming years, LEMOINE Program Services stands ready to provide industry expertise and to ensure the best use of all funds for the Cullman City Schools and the Cullman City community.


Learn More about LEMOINE Program Services:

To discover more about our comprehensive range of services and how we can assist you, please visit our website at There, you will find detailed information about our expertise and the values that guide us in every endeavor.

Expanding Owner’s Representation Services in Middle Tennessee

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our esteemed team at LEMOINE Program Services. John Ramares, an accomplished professional in the Design and Construction Industry, has recently joined us, bringing a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm. With his arrival, we are excited to expand our Owner’s Representation Services into the Middle Tennessee and Nashville market, further solidifying our presence in this dynamic region.

Our Services: Advisory Audit + Controls Dispute Resolution Energy + Sustainability Facilities Consulting Preconstruction Services


John Ramares joins LEMOINE with decades of experience in the Design and Construction industry.

Connect with John here.


LEMOINE Program Services – Comprehensive Program Management Solutions:

LEMOINE Program Services has earned a reputation as a renowned provider of Full-Service Program Management Solutions. Our diverse range of services includes Advisory, Audit + Controls, Dispute Resolution, Energy + Sustainability, Facilities Consulting, Preconstruction Services, Program Management, Transition Planning, and much more. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, we ensure that our clients receive holistic support throughout every stage of their projects.


A Valuable Addition to the Team:

John Ramares brings with him several years of experience in the Design and Construction Industry, making him a valuable asset to our team. His expertise and leadership will be instrumental in spearheading the expansion of our Owner’s Representation Services in the Middle Tennessee / Nashville market. With John at the helm, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results and exceed client expectations.


Driving Growth and Success in Middle Tennessee:

As we embark on this exciting journey, we are committed to contributing to the growth and success of LEMOINE Program Services in the Middle Tennessee region. John’s deep understanding of the local market, combined with our comprehensive service offerings, will enable us to forge strong collaborations with clients and industry professionals. Together, we will ensure that projects are executed with excellence, adhering to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.


Learn More about LEMOINE Program Services:

To discover more about our comprehensive range of services and how we can assist you, please visit our website at There, you will find detailed information about our expertise and the values that guide us in every endeavor.

LEMOINE + project partners set record pace for orphaned well plugging in Louisiana

Orphaned Wells Featured Image

LEMOINE + project partners set record pace for orphaned well plugging in Louisiana

Orphaned Louisiana Wells
Photo: Shutterstock

In a recent press release, Gov. John Bel Edwards and Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Secretary Tom Harris announced 300 orphaned wells plugged with Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding in the last 4.5 months.  LEMOINE Disaster Services is one of the two primary contractors for the project, focusing on the Shreveport, Louisiana district.  

This number of wells plugged – 300 – surpasses the record of most wells plugged by the state Oilfield Site Restoration (OSR) program in previous years. The previous record was 280 completed in Fiscal year 1998–1999, and nearly doubles the average OSR fully-year plugging figures for the last few years.

Orphaned wells are abandoned or inactive oil and gas wells.  They present environmental risks that require careful remediation. LEMOINE’s disaster and environmental services expertise and project management and coordination continue to significantly contribute to the success of the program. 

gettyimages 964671840 e1686069133249
Photo: Getty Images

Orphaned wells are a long-time concern in Louisiana

With thousands of abandoned wells scattered across the state, orphaned wells have long been a concern in Louisiana. If left unplugged, these wells can contaminate groundwater and surface water sources, leak oil, and emit methane, posing a threat to the environment. The responsibility of plugging these wells falls upon specialized contractors equipped with the necessary skills, equipment, and knowledge to address the issue safely and effectively.

Orhpaned Wells - LA
Photo: AP Photo/Gerald Hebert

Environmental impact and importance

The plugging of orphaned wells holds immense environmental significance. If left unattended, these wells can leak hazardous pollutants into the environment, endangering ecosystems and communities. Through their diligent efforts, LEMOINE is actively mitigating the environmental risks associated with orphaned wells and contributing to the preservation of Louisiana’s natural resources.

With LEMOINE’s ongoing efforts, we can look forward to a cleaner and safer future for Louisiana.

Orphaned LA wells
Photo: Bill Fieg

Remarkable efforts

Recognized for dedication to environmental responsibility, and surpassing estimated project milestones, LEMOINE has emerged as a leading contractor in tackling the plugging of orphaned wells.

“The contractors and their crews have worked hard to help us make these BIL dollars count. We’ve been fortunate to have favorable weather this spring and these folks have made the most of it,” DNR Secretary Tom Harris said. “They have set a record pace for orphaned well plugging in our state, helping us take full advantage of the opportunity presented by having such a large inflow of available funding.”

wells hand 2
Photo: Cooper Neill

Funding and future project goals

Louisiana received an initial $25 million grant of BIL funding to address the state’s orphaned wells in October 2022, and DNR selected its two primary contractors in December 2022. The first well was plugged in Caddo Pine Island Field in Caddo Parish on January 17, 2023. 

The Initial Grant is more than doubles the average annual amount of funding for the regular state Oilfield Site Restoration, with which the state Office of Conservation has plugged an average of about 160 wells a year depending on weather, environmental factors, and prioritization of funds for emergency response.

BIL funding is being administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) as part of an overall $1.15 billion announced in January 2022 for states to plug and remediate orphaned wells. Although the DOI has not yet released all the information, it has hinted that states will receive more funding phases this year.

Louisiana still has roughly 4,500 orphaned wells that need plugging, primarily located in north Louisiana. You can use the State of Louisiana’s BIL Dashboard to see an interactive map of BIL projects broken down by type and congressional district. 

Click here to see the original press release from the Office of the Governor: 

orphan wells la

Positioned for Continued Growth, LEMOINE Program Services Celebrates 2 Years

Positioned for Continued Growth, LEMOINE Program Services Celebrates 2 Years

LEMOINE Program Services, a Service Line of LEMOINE, celebrates two years of service

A vital component of LEMOINE’s full project lifecycle offering, LEMOINE Program Services provides expert guidance in planning, execution, and delivery of program goals, schedules, and budgets.

Under the direction of long-time industry expert Jack Darnall, LEMOINE offers a unique perspective and advantage to clients by leveraging Jack’s four-decade experience, much of that time spent as an executive for one of the top 25 contractors in the nation.  

As a member of the Executive Board, Jack helped lead his former company through strategic planning and growth activities, expanding the firm’s growth from $2.2 billion to $4 billion.

Jack Darnall President, LEMOINE Program Services

Team of seaoned industry experts

Under Jack’s leadership, a team of some of the most skilled and seasoned industry experts are working collaboratively to serve LEMOINE’s clients.  With decades of real-world experience working for some of the largest building contractors and program management providers in the nation, our team has the experience to ensure each client’s success.


Jack Darnall


Steve Haney web

Steve Haney


John Harchelroad web

John Harchelroad


Bill Health web

Bill Health


Spivey Lipsey web

Spivey Lipsey


Brian McCarley web

Brian McCarley


Lee Showalter web

Lee Showalter


All-inclusive program of Project Services

LEMOINE Program Services has the capability to provide a full range of services including planning, execution, and delivery. Our team of industry experts begin with advising and facility consulting services, creating overall program goals, schedules, and budgets. We establish expectations, measure success, and maintain alignment throughout the management, transitioning, and move-in of each project. Program Services deliberately interconnects to LEMOINE’s other service lines, Building Construction, Infrastructure, and Disaster Services, leveraging strengths and resources of other in-house disciplines.

Significant strides made during first two years of operations

In just two short years of operations, our team of industry-leading experts at LEMOINE Program Services has made significant strides:

  • Awarded 48 projects
  • Obtained work in 12 different states
  • Partnered with 31 different clients
  • Grown our staff to 10 full-time employees, with an additional 12 project-based employees 
  • Established a permanent presence in 4 states
LPS 2Year Anniversary Graphics
LPS 2Year Anniversary Graphics2
LPS 2Year Anniversary Graphics3
LPS 2Year Anniversary Graphics4
LPS 2Year Anniversary Graphics5

Let’s get started today

Our all-inclusive program of Project Services leverages LEMOINE’s 50 years of experience in planning, executing, and delivering successful outcomes.  As your value-added partner, LEMOINE has the capability to provide full program services, or offer only a selection of services to enhance your existing in-house capabilities.

We commit our Brand Promise to you:  The right people.  The right solutions.  Building peace of mind.

Have one of our experts contact you

LEMOINE Announces Acquisition of Macro Companies


8TG 6488

LEMOINE, a Bernhard Capital Partners portfolio company and a leading full-service construction management and disaster recovery firm, announced today that it has acquired Macro Companies, one of the largest emergency fuel and water suppliers in the world.  


Operating for nearly 100 years, Macro Companies is a family-owned and operated business based in Broussard, LA, that has responded to approximately 150 disaster events across the U.S., as well as in Puerto Rico and Haiti. The company manages and maintains the industry’s largest company-owned fleet of specialized fuel transportation and dispensing vehicles.


This transaction strengthens LEMOINE’s position as a global leader in emergency preparedness, disaster recovery and community resilience. The company currently operates four service lines: disaster servicesbuilding constructionprogram services and infrastructure. LEMOINE’s acquisition of Macro, in addition to previous investments in Workforce Group and DCMC Partners, brings together more than 600 employees able to offer a complete suite of services to critical industries and governments preparing for and responding to natural disasters and emergencies.


“This service expansion is critical for LEMOINE in providing full-coverage emergency preparedness and disaster recovery services that create stronger, more resilient communities around the world,” said Lenny Lemoine, LEMOINE CEO. “In times of emergency, water and fuel become the lifelines of a community and its first responders, and Macro Companies brings unparalleled experience managing logistics, transportation, and distribution. This vital service combined with LEMOINE’s expertise in construction and disaster management uniquely positions our firm to deliver superior value to the communities and customers we serve, particularly in health care and mission-critical industries.”


“For nearly 100 years, Macro Companies and the McElligott family have upheld a longstanding commitment to the communities we serve in times of need—a commitment that will only be strengthened by this partnership,” said Richard McElligott, president of Macro Companies. “Our success has only been possible through the dedication of our employees and clients. We are excited to partner with Bernhard Capital Partners and LEMOINE, a company we respect and admire, because we share similar values. Our teams recognize the critical nature of the services we provide in times of need—when failure is not an option, commitment is non-negotiable, and our clients need a full-service provider they can trust.”


Macro’s location in the Gulf Coast and historic investments in people, technology and equipment have resulted in decades of experience and unmatched expertise responding to natural and man-made disasters. Macro Companies services include potable water; a unique fleet of military-grade, all-terrain and high-water vehicles; aviation fueling; and industry-leading electronic data capture on a specialized mobile fueling application, used during and after disasters.


Richard McElligott will continue to serve as president of Macro Companies, and Bill McElligott will continue to serve as Vice President. Additionally, the existing leadership team will remain in place and the organization will remain headquartered in Broussard, LA.



LEMOINE, a Louisiana-based ENR Top-400 Contractor with nearly 50 years of experience across the Southern United States, has a long-standing, healthy core practice in commercial construction that has become a foundation for setting and executing strategic goals for expansion to adjacent and complementary business lines. LEMOINE Disaster Services, a service line of LEMOINE, has built a strong foundation supporting governmental entities with disaster recovery, including short-term and long-term recovery programs funded by FEMA and HUD. They have provided exceptional service in repairing and reconstructing thousands of homes across the southeast U.S. and Puerto Rico.


In 2019, Bernhard Capital Partners (BCP) acquired a significant financial interest in LEMOINE, catapulting LEMOINE’s expansion of a platform to deliver large-scale disaster recovery projects and pursue new delivery models. BCP is a private equity investment firm providing capital to growth companies within the energy, industrial, and infrastructure services sectors. BCP was founded in 2013 by Jim Bernhard, former Chairman and CEO of the Shaw Group, and Jeff Jenkins.



Macro Companies Incorporated is a versatile fuel, water, and transportation provider with specialized equipment capable of hauling a wide range of products and materials throughout the United States. From aviation fuel to petrochemicals, Macro Companies combines highly experienced personnel with a fleet of specialized trucks and equipment to provide customers with outstanding transport services.

Body Image

LEMOINE congratulates Sr. Superintendent Danny Bardwell on his retirement

LEMOINE Danny Bardwell retirement

LEMOINE congratulates Sr. Superintendent, Danny Barwell, on his recent retirement and celebrates his contributions to both the organization and construction industry.

Throughout Danny’s 8-year tenure at LEMOINE, he has played an integral role in leading many project teams to great successes.  With five decades in the construction industry, Danny leaves an incredible built legacy in the many projects he has overseen along the Gulf Coast, and an indelible mark on the multitude of people he has encountered along the way. 

Leading such efforts as the National WWII Museum Parking Garage, the Barbara Greenbaum House at Tulane University, Gulf State Park Interpretative Center, and UMC Parking Garage, Danny’s leadership skills and pure love for the craft of construction will be enjoyed by many for generations to come.

Spanning an incredible 50-year career, Danny had the opportunity to work with numerous clients, trade partners, and team members.  Hearing from some of Danny’s teammates through the years illustrates the tenacity Danny brings every day.

LEMOINE Danny Rardwell retirement

There are no challenges.  Only opportunities for success.”  Darren Scott, LEMOINE Lead Estimator recalls Danny sharing these words during their work together at Gulf State Park.  The Interpretive Center, located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, had many opportunities for success.  The unique structure is the educational gateway to the park and is a tangible expression of the vision for Gulf State Park.  The Center was designed to provide a net positive impact to the local environment and features a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly design brought to life by construction. The project was constructed utilizing LEED Platinum and Fortified Commercial certification practices.  In addition, the project is undergoing the review process to achieve a Full Living Certification by the International Living Future Institute. Once formal certification is received, it will be among only 100 projects to achieve this certification in the world.

More recently, Danny prepared for construction efforts at Ochsner Lafayette General’s new parking garage in Lafayette, LA.  The $13 million structure located along South College Avenue is being built to support the increasing needs of Ochsner Lafayette General’s main campus, a 334-bed facility servicing Acadiana and beyond.

Also teaming to construct the 4-story 550-space deck, Bryan Bourque, LEMOINE Project Manager, shared his experience working with Danny.  According to Bryan and others, aside from his abilities as a master-builder, Danny is widely admired as a great teacher.  “With each discussion, Mr. Danny’s love for all things construction became more and more evident.  The lessons I learned from Mr. Danny in these daily talks in just his first couple of weeks on the job far surpassed what I had learned in the weeks leading up to his arrival,” said Bryan. “While his extensive knowledge of construction was very impressive, what was even more meaningful to me was his willingness to freely share that knowledge and the patience he showed while doing it.”  Bryan expressed his gratitude to have worked with Danny, even if for a limited time, and said he will take the many lessons forward in his construction career. 

In retirement, Danny looks forward to spending time with his family, especially his bride Debbie, and grandson Lane.  With his extra time, Danny will soak up more days on his farm in Mississippi, make way for odd-and-end projects at home, devote more time to his dog training hobby, expand his published content, and continue to train the next generation of skilled craftsmen.  

From everyone at ONE LEMOINE, thank you for everything, Danny!  We wish you well!