Swinging for a Cause: Zurich Classic of New Orleans


Every year, the Zurich Classic Golf Tournament in New Orleans tees off to bring together top-tier golf talent and a community-driven spirit that goes beyond the greens. As one of the premier stops on the PGA Tour, the Zurich Classic has a rich history dating back to its inception in 1938. Originally known as the New Orleans Open, the tournament has evolved over the decades, showcasing not only exceptional golf but also a commitment to making a positive impact on the community it calls home.

Forekids logo color SM


One of the standout features of the Zurich Classic is its dedication to supporting charitable initiatives through the Fore!Kids Foundation. This foundation, established in 2005, focuses on improving the lives of children in the Greater New Orleans area by providing access to educational and recreational opportunities. From funding youth programs to supporting educational initiatives, the Fore!Kids Foundation works tirelessly to ensure that children have the resources they need to thrive.

But the impact of the Zurich Classic extends far beyond the fairways and into the heart of the community. Through partnerships with local organizations and businesses, the tournament creates opportunities for economic growth and development, driving tourism and bolstering the local economy. Moreover, the event serves as a platform to raise awareness about important issues facing the community, from education to healthcare.


Central to the success of the Zurich Classic is the army of volunteers who generously donate their time and energy to ensure the tournament runs smoothly. From marshaling the course to assisting with hospitality, volunteers play a crucial role in the event’s operations. Their dedication and enthusiasm embody the spirit of community and teamwork that defines the Zurich Classic.

As the Zurich Classic Golf Tournament continues to thrive, it serves as a shining example of how sports can be a force for good in the world. Through its support of the Fore!Kids Foundation and commitment to community engagement, the tournament not only showcases world-class golf but also makes a lasting impact on the lives of children and families in New Orleans. So, as the pros compete for glory on the course, they’re also swinging for a cause, making a difference one stroke at a time.


Building Sustainability: LEMOINE’s Triumph with UL-Lafayette’s Student Union, City’s First LEED-Certified Project

ULL LEED Blog Feature
ULL Student Union - LEED Silver

In today’s era of rapid urbanization and heightened environmental awareness, the construction industry stands at the forefront of change. As communities seek greener alternatives and sustainable solutions, the role of contractors becomes pivotal in shaping a future where architecture harmonizes with nature. Partnering with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, we showcased our commitment to sustainable development through Lafayette’s first LEED-certified project – the ULL Student Union.


What is LEED?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification stands as a hallmark of excellence in green building practices. Achieving this recognition signifies a dedication to energy efficiency, resource conservation, and environmental responsibility. For UL Lafayette, obtaining LEED certification for its Student Union marked a significant milestone, aligning with its vision of fostering a more sustainable campus environment.

This was an ambitious project, and we took on the challenge. Leveraging our expertise to blend innovative design with environmental consciousness. From the project’s inception, sustainability remained at the forefront of every decision, guiding the construction process towards a greener, more eco-friendly outcome.

One of the key features of the UL Lafayette Student Union is its energy-efficient design. We ensured the integration of cutting-edge technologies and building techniques to minimize energy consumption while maximizing performance. From energy-efficient lighting systems to advanced HVAC solutions, every aspect was meticulously planned to reduce the building’s carbon footprint without compromising functionality or comfort.

Moreover, the project prioritized the use of sustainable materials, sourced locally whenever possible, to reduce transportation emissions and support the regional economy. The project team’s commitment to sustainability extended beyond construction, encompassing waste management practices that minimized the project’s impact on the environment. More than 77 percent of the debris generated during the demolition work was recycled.  The recycled material amounted to more than 440 tons of metal and 11,504 tons of concrete.

Beyond its environmental benefits, the LEED-certified Student Union at UL Lafayette serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the construction industry. We partnered closely with architects, engineers, and university stakeholders to bring the vision to life, fostering a spirit of teamwork and shared purpose throughout the project.

ULL student union LEED award

The completion of the Student Union marked not only a physical transformation of the campus landscape but, also a symbolic shift towards a more sustainable future. As students, faculty, and visitors stepped into the vibrant, eco-friendly space, they were not only greeted by modern amenities but, also reminded of the university’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

LEMOINE’s success with the UL Lafayette Student Union exemplifies the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of sustainable construction. By demonstrating that green building practices can be both feasible and cost-effective, we hope to inspire others in the industry to follow suit, catalyzing a broader movement towards sustainability in construction projects nationwide.

As we look ahead to a future shaped by climate change and environmental challenges, initiatives like the LEED-certified Student Union serve as beacons of hope, showcasing what is possible when innovation and sustainability converge. Through their partnership with UL Lafayette, LEMOINE has not only built a structure but also laid the foundation for a greener, more resilient community—one brick at a time.

LEMOINE Program Services Assists with Cullman City School’s Capital Improvement Plan

Cullman City Schools is one of 132 school districts in the state of Alabama. The school system has over 3,000 students in five schools. The schools are Cullman High School (Grades 9-12), Cullman Middle School (Grades 7-8), East Elementary School (Grades 2-6), West Elementary School (Grades 2-6), and Cullman City Primary School (Grades K-1). Cullman City Schools also hosts the Cullman City Head Start Program at their Primary School.

Cullman has also been ranked the second highest “micropolitan” in the nation for the past two years, according to Site Selection Magazine. As the area’s population has grown, and as technology and learning environments have evolved, the Board of Education has worked to develop a comprehensive plan to address student safety and growth within the Cullman City School System.

Our Services: Advisory Audit + Controls Dispute Resolution Energy + Sustainability Facilities Consulting Preconstruction Services


Rendering of Cullman City Primary School by Lathan and Associates. 


LEMOINE Program Services – Comprehensive Program Management Solutions:

Due to the complexity of the capital improvement plan, LEMOINE Program Services was engaged in the process to work with Lathan and Associates and all project stakeholders to provide program management services. The group began with advising and facility consulting services, creating overall program goals, schedules, and budgets. LEMOINE’s primary objective is to satisfy capital program demands, ensuring that Cullman City Schools accomplishes their mission, with full guidance and confidence every step of the way.


Cullman Middle School Rendering by Lathan and Associates

Phase I:

The complex, comprehensive plan includes the adjustment of the grade configuration of the school system to Pre-K – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 8, and 9 – 12. Currently, Cullman City Schools includes 2 elementary campuses, East and West. The overall adjustment will include a dedicated pre-K school, an elementary school, an intermediate school, a middle school, and a high school. To achieve value, several of the existing school buildings are being renovated and re-used to achieve this plan.

Phase I of the project began with Cullman City Primary School and Cullman Middle School. The primary school project included the addition of a 12-classroom wing, a multipurpose building, and a cafeteria/ kitchen. This project also included the development of a second roadway exit, the conversion of the old cafeteria to additional classroom space, and the transition of all 2nd grade students in August of 2023. The middle school project includes the addition of a 16-18 classroom building which will include a new library, agriscience area, performing arts area, and administrative offices. The project also entails the removal of an existing round building and an old agriculture building, interior upgrades, and the transition of all 6th-grade students in August of 2025.

Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Cullman Middle School, January 2024

Later phases of the capital improvement plan will involve converting one of the existing primary schools into the new Cullman Intermediate School, conversion of the other primary school to a standalone pre-K program, the addition of the Career Technical Education/ STEM Wing to the High School, and other educational improvements.

As the capital improvement plan continues to unfold over the upcoming years, LEMOINE Program Services stands ready to provide industry expertise and to ensure the best use of all funds for the Cullman City Schools and the Cullman City community.


Learn More about LEMOINE Program Services:

To discover more about our comprehensive range of services and how we can assist you, please visit our website at programservices.1lemoine.com. There, you will find detailed information about our expertise and the values that guide us in every endeavor.

Reflecting on a year of Shared Successes and Growth

As the year draws to a close, we extend heartfelt gratitude for your continued trust and collaboration. This past year has been marked by shared successes, and we are sincerely thankful for the positive impact we’ve achieved together. Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with rest and reflection. Looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in the coming year and the continued success of our partnership. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

Expanding Reach, Maintaining Our Promise

In the past year, we are thrilled to share that LEMOINE has not only deepened its roots in our home state of Louisiana but has also extended its reach far beyond. Our dedicated teams have proudly served communities in Puerto Rico, Guam, and Hawaii, exemplifying our commitment to delivering on our Brand Promise: The Right People. Whether close to home or abroad, our collective efforts have allowed us to make a meaningful impact, and we look forward to continuing this journey of growth and service in the coming year.

The Year in Pictures

LEMOINE InternationalMap LDS wPPEquipLocations 01
In the past year, we are thrilled to share that LEMOINE has not only deepened its roots in our home state of Louisiana but has also extended its reach far beyond. Our dedicated teams have proudly served communities in Puerto Rico, Guam, and Hawaii, exemplifying our commitment to delivering on our Brand Promise: The Right People. Whether close to home or abroad, our collective efforts have allowed us to make a meaningful impact, and we look forward to continuing this journey of growth and service in the coming year.
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LEMOINE’s Building Construction teams have continued to deliver success across the state of Louisiana and beyond, completing milestone projects such as the Center for Medical Education at LSU Health Shreveport, Truman Elementary School, and the new patient tower at Ochsner Lafayette General in Lafayette, LA, and the Ochsner Center for Nursing and Allied Health at the Delgado City Park campus in New Orleans (pictured at left).

IMG 8641

LEMOINE Disaster Services has made record progress on Louisiana’s Orphaned Wells Plugging project, plugging over 370 wells since the project’s inception.  Enhancing Louisiana’s environmental resilience, plugging these wells reduces the risk of environmental disasters, ensuring that communities have a stronger defense against future challenges. Pictured, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Martha Williams visited an ongoing orphaned well site at the Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge in October. 

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LEMOINE Infrastructure performed civil work at the Ampirical substations in Arkansas and Mississippi.  Our team’s scope laid the groundwork for the Delta Wind Farm and Driver project, a utility-scale wind farm committed to responsible clean energy development that creates long-term value and positive impact for both the environment and local communities.

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DCMC Partners, a LEMOINE Company, recently opened a new office in the vibrant city of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.  From here, our team will continue to provide first-class service to our many clients there.  Since Hurricanes Irma and Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico in 2017, DCMC has been instrumental in resolving many of the most significant problems that surfaced during response and recovery efforts.

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Macro, a LEMOINE Company, deployed to Guam on the heels of Typhoon Mawar in May 2023.  The typhoon struck Guam with the force of a Category 4 hurricane and was the strongest storm to strike the island in years.  LEMOINE Disaster Team members have continued to serve the island in multiple relief capacities.

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LEMOINE Program Services, the firm’s full-service project and program management division, celebrated two years of operations.  The team of 23 has been awarded over 50 projects, worked in 13 states, served over 35 clients, and has a permanent presence in 4 states (Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Virginia).  They have taken on several exciting roles, including program management services for Cullman City Middle School (pictured above), one of four Cullman school projects managed by LEMOINE.

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This year, The Workforce Group, a LEMOINE Company has supported state and local governments across Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and California with ongoing disaster recovery programs by performing over 8,000 damage assessments and 6,000 lead-based paint inspections. WFG has also launched a proprietary program system of record solution, 1Wanda, for the State of Georgia’s CDBG-DR Homeowner Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Program, where they are responsible for comprehensive program management and delivery.

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We welcomed 131 new team members across LEMOINE‘s family of services:  Building Construction, Program Services, Infrastructure, Disaster Services, DCMC, Workforce Group, and Macro. 

LEMOINE Honors Its Veterans

veterans blog post

LEMOINE Honors Its Veterans

LEMOINE is proud to have so many veterans on our team

LEMOINE Veterans
At the heart of LEMOINE’s success lie the dedicated individuals who have tirelessly contributed to its growth and development over the years. With their wealth of experience and unparalleled dedication, these veteran employees have been instrumental in shaping the company’s culture and fostering a spirit of excellence. Their commitment to upholding the values of integrity, innovation, and teamwork has not only elevated the organization but has also inspired their colleagues to strive for greatness.
Will L
William L.

Army National Guard

J.D. K.

Army National Guard

Seth L
Seth L.

United States Army

Brandon V.
Brandon V.

United States Army

joshua p
Joshua P.

United States Marine Corps

Dakotah M
Dakotah M.

United States Army

Ryan M.
Ryan M.

United States Army

Joey S
Joey S.

United States Army

Bryan B
Bryan B.

United States Army

David C
David C.

United States Army

Ted C
Edward C.

United States Navy

thomas b
Thomas B.

United States Air Force

brennan l
Brennan L.

United States Air Force

eldon s
Eldon S.

United States Army

Mike M
Mike M.

United States Army

A Culture of Gratitude and Appreciation

As LEMOINE honors its veteran employees, we recognize the significance of their contributions. We acknowledge the pivotal roles played by these individuals, underscoring the importance of their unwavering commitment and dedication. By celebrating their achievements and acknowledging their contributions, LEMOINE reinforces the value of loyalty and fosters a sense of belonging within its workforce.

Thank you for your service

Our Brand Promise: The Right People.

LEMOINE: Promoting Excellence

LEMOINE: Promoting Excellence

Buie B., Promoted to Senior Project Manager in 2023

Internal promotions bring widely recognized advantages in the workplace, such as boosting morale, saving time and money from recruitment expenses, employee retention, and mitigating risks associated with mismatched personnel or organizational ethos.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) benchmarking report, the average rate of internal promotion stands at 6%. However, thus far in 2023, LEMOINE has promoted 39 individuals, equating to nearly 10% of our core employee base.

This led us to ponder …Why does LEMOINE place such significant emphasis on internal promotions?

To answer this question, we turned to those deeply engaged in staff assessment and advancement within LEMOINE.  We asked a sampling of members of our Team, from Human Resources to Service Line Leadership, Operations, and more:

“Why does LEMOINE promote at higher-than-average rates?”

Rudy Comeaux, President of Infrastructure

Career growth and development is very important to our organization at LEMOINE. Promotions are the result of high performing employees doing the right things at the right time every day. We continue to focus on the importance of developing our employees, always challenging ourselves to improve at this.

Also, when employees see their peers receive promotions, they know opportunities exist for high performers.

Erica Hinds, Director of Marketing

Internal candidates often have a deeper understanding of the company’s needs, challenges, and goals. This familiarity allows them to tailor their skills and contributions more effectively to meet those needs. Given our strong emphasis on nurturing company culture and aligning with objectives at LEMOINE, internal promotions can oftentimes be the most natural and smooth path to drive our strategic goals forward.

Mike Rice BW 300x300 2 1
Mike Rice, President of Disaster Services

As a leader, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing our young professionals work with such commitment and dedication to building the skills necessary to take on more responsibility, which results in their promotions.

Wills Hover, Vice President of Healthcare

Our organization is lucky to have many bright young leaders. Over the past year, many promotions were attributed to relentless drive and grit, the trust and respect our team members cultivate with our clients and their peers, and their unwavering commitment to LEMOINE.

J.D. King, Vice President of Preconstruction

LEMOINE has a culture that is palpable.  The employees that foster that culture are invaluable.  There’s no better feeling than getting to reward those employees by providing opportunities for them to advance their career at LEMOINE.

CEO Lenny Lemoine is passionate about people.  From onboarding to technical training and soft skills, Lenny is invested in LEMOINE’s employee success stories.

When speaking on the firm’s future sustainability, Lenny was quoted in a 2013 article from The Independent stating, “The only way it’s going to be sustainable is if you’re hiring the best, but you’re able to grow them and retain them and create an environment and culture where they feel gratified and they feel like they have a bright future and that they’re developing on an individual basis into being as good as they should be at what they do.”

Lenny Lemoine, CEO

The Common Denominator

The collective responses and insights we received conveyed a unified message: Relationships.  For decades, we have consistently upheld the notion that our success is cultivated by our philosophy of building authentic, lasting relationships. Typically, our focus has been on forging these bonds with clients, industry partners, and communities – all external affiliations.

Yet, in light of our recent realization of our higher-than-average promotion rates, we recognize the significance our culture places on internal relationships.  We value personal growth, recognition, and success. This effort has proven that we also value building, maintaining, and leveraging prosperous relationships within LEMOINE. Teams that have worked together in the past can complete projects more efficiently, leading to the highest success rate for us, our partners, our clients, and the communities touched by our work. 

As we pursue our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of ranking among Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For by 2027, we are committed to nurturing, advancing, elevating, and celebrating our Brand Promise: The Right People.

Want to join a team built on excellence and relationships? Learn more about careers with LEMOINE!

Our Brand Promise: The Right People.

Expanding Owner’s Representation Services in Middle Tennessee

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our esteemed team at LEMOINE Program Services. John Ramares, an accomplished professional in the Design and Construction Industry, has recently joined us, bringing a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm. With his arrival, we are excited to expand our Owner’s Representation Services into the Middle Tennessee and Nashville market, further solidifying our presence in this dynamic region.

Our Services: Advisory Audit + Controls Dispute Resolution Energy + Sustainability Facilities Consulting Preconstruction Services


John Ramares joins LEMOINE with decades of experience in the Design and Construction industry.

Connect with John here.


LEMOINE Program Services – Comprehensive Program Management Solutions:

LEMOINE Program Services has earned a reputation as a renowned provider of Full-Service Program Management Solutions. Our diverse range of services includes Advisory, Audit + Controls, Dispute Resolution, Energy + Sustainability, Facilities Consulting, Preconstruction Services, Program Management, Transition Planning, and much more. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, we ensure that our clients receive holistic support throughout every stage of their projects.


A Valuable Addition to the Team:

John Ramares brings with him several years of experience in the Design and Construction Industry, making him a valuable asset to our team. His expertise and leadership will be instrumental in spearheading the expansion of our Owner’s Representation Services in the Middle Tennessee / Nashville market. With John at the helm, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results and exceed client expectations.


Driving Growth and Success in Middle Tennessee:

As we embark on this exciting journey, we are committed to contributing to the growth and success of LEMOINE Program Services in the Middle Tennessee region. John’s deep understanding of the local market, combined with our comprehensive service offerings, will enable us to forge strong collaborations with clients and industry professionals. Together, we will ensure that projects are executed with excellence, adhering to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.


Learn More about LEMOINE Program Services:

To discover more about our comprehensive range of services and how we can assist you, please visit our website at programservices.1lemoine.com. There, you will find detailed information about our expertise and the values that guide us in every endeavor.

LEMOINE Empowers Employees to Make a Difference

LEMOINE Volunteerism 2
LEMOINE Volunteerism

In 2022, LEMOINE made a vow to continue improving the communities we serve by implementing a Volunteerism Policy as a benefit for our employees and our communities. We believe that giving back is the only way forward. To encourage our employees to go out and volunteer for the organizations and causes they are passionate about, we have added Paid Volunteer Time to our Benefit Plan. We have added Volunteerism to our Corporate Goals for all employees as part of our Incentive Plan as well. Together, we have already made a difference. In Q1 of 2023, LEMOINE has logged 763 Hours of Volunteer Time. We decided to interview some of our employees who have logged Volunteer Time, and their responses are below.

Amber B.

Proposal Manager - Disaster Services

254453464 317355750202264 2351006206596792044 n
  1. Which organization did you volunteer for? Lasagna Love (https://lasagnalove.org/)
  2. Where was this (City, State)? Baton Rouge, LA
  3. Why did you choose this organization? / Why was this cause important to you? I was struggling with figuring out how to fit volunteering into a busy schedule. I asked myself: You need to make meals anyway, why not make extra for those in need? Food insecurity has always been a cause I’ve felt passionate about, and Lasagna Love allowed me to personally help those in need in an innovative and more personable way. Lasagna Love is a global nonprofit and grassroots movement that aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. They also seek to eliminate stigmas associated with asking for help when it is needed most. Their mission is simple: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities.
  4. Tell me about your experience. I was able to volunteer and make meals for several families in need. One family had recently had an accident and was struggling with cooking due to injuries. Another was a group of college students who hadn’t had a home-cooked meal in months. Another was a family of 9 that was struggling financially. I love to cook, and lasagna is one of my favorite dishes, so I found this was a great way to give back to the community and spread kindness to those going through difficult times.
  5. What does it mean to you that LEMOINE offers a Volunteer Policy? It boosts employee engagement and job satisfaction. Employees have been able to contribute their time and skills to causes they care about, promoting a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Since it is a policy that is promoted by the company, employees openly discuss their volunteer opportunities with coworkers, which allows others the opportunity to investigate volunteering with new organizations and may also provide the opportunity to team build, bond, and collaborate.
  6. Have you volunteered at this organization before? No, this was my first time volunteering with them, but it was such a fulfilling experience that I plan on continuing.

Brittany B.

Proposal Coordinator

2023 Hogs for the Cause
  1. Which organization did you volunteer for? Hogs for the Cause (Hogs for the Cause)
  2. Where was this (City, State)? New Orleans, LA
  3. Why did you choose this organization? / Why was this cause important to you? Hogs for the Cause is affiliated with Children’s Hospital New Orleans which is not only an important LEMOINE Client, but a pillar in our local community. CHNO provides exceptional healthcare to the children of our state. I can personally testify to this as my daughters have both received emergency and primary pediatric care at CHNO. Volunteering for CHNO cancer patients and their families is a wonderful opportunity.
  4. Tell me about your experience. Hogs for the Cause is such a fun event! It is a mix of food, live music, competition, and the community rallying to support a good cause. It can be a lot of work to get everything set up and ready on the opening day, but our group always has fun while we are at it.
  5. What does it mean to you that LEMOINE offers a Volunteer Policy? I love that our culture includes a service mindset, that we collectively know how important and fulfilling it is to give back to our communities. Having it formalized as a policy proves that this mindset is present in the leaders of our organization and sets a high standard for companies in our industry and beyond.
  6. Have you volunteered at this organization before? 2023 was my third year doing Hogs for the Cause with LEMOINE. Looking forward to 2024!

Brett T.

Assistant Program Manager - Program Services

Firehouse Ministries Shelter
  1. Which organization did you volunteer for? Firehouse Ministries Shelter (Firehouse Shelter)
  2. Where was this (City, State)? Birmingham, AL
  3. Why did you choose this organization? / Why was this cause important to you? No one should go hungry. This organization helps rehabilitate men and reintegrate them into society by providing them food (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner), a place to sleep, and a program to help them find jobs.
  4. Tell me about your experience. I try to go once a week, but no less than 2 times a month to cook and serve dinner with the shelter staff. We are always finding creative ways to use the food donated by local businesses and the public to create a well-balanced meal for the men in the shelter.
  5. What does it mean to you that LEMOINE offers a Volunteer Policy? This industry is all about servitude, but requiring us to branch out and find different ways to contribute to our communities is an excellent idea and a good way to keep us engaged. Without this policy, I’m not sure I would have found the Firehouse! I’m glad I did.
  6. Have you volunteered at this organization before? Not before I started working with LEMOINE. I now go pretty routinely as time allows.

Jennifer C.

Project Accounting Manager

St. Joseph Diner
  1. Which organization did you volunteer for? St. Joseph Diner (St. Joseph Diner)
  2. Where was this (City, State)? Lafayette, LA
  3. Why did you choose this organization? / Why was this cause important to you? I worked in a restaurant for several years. I started waiting tables to make a living in college, but I gained much more than that during my time as a server. I learned that serving people is something that I genuinely enjoy. I love the small talk, the fast pace, trying to remember what people like/don’t like, multitasking and taking care of everyone! Because of my history, I felt like volunteering at the diner was a natural fit for me.
  4. Tell me about your experience. The staff at the diner are incredible. The regular workforce there are true professionals. I was really blown away by their drive and work ethic. We had to WORK to keep up with them!
    It was extremely heartwarming to see the weekly volunteers coming in and settling right into place washing dishes, wiping tables, scrubbing pots, and cleaning floors while our group served food. Most of them are retired and this is how they give back. I left very inspired by each of these selfless individuals.
    The diner does a great job re-iterating to volunteers that we are serving people who have fallen on hard times. It’s part of their mission to treat everyone who walks in with dignity and respect.
    One of the staff was once a regular, who ate at the diner. One of the gentlemen eating at the diner was once a volunteer – we literally served people from all walks of life. It was extremely humbling and it took a few days to begin forming relationships, but by day 3, I began to learn more about some of the people we served and enjoyed getting to know them.
    Regardless of what, how, or when – that’s not our place to say, but I do believe that everyone deserves a hot meal each day. Most of us take that for granted… And walking to my car, past the tents where most of these individuals slept the freezing cold night before, definitely weighed heavy on my heart.
  5. What does it mean to you that LEMOINE offers a Volunteer Policy? LEMOINE offering a volunteer policy proves their value of community and community service. LEMOINE does not restrict us from volunteering on the weekends. If we have to be away from our office, and our day jobs, in order to give back – then so be it. That speaks volumes to me.
  6. Have you volunteered at this organization before? This was my first experience, but will not be my last!
LEMOINE Volunteers at St. Joseph Diner
Pictured are LEMOINE employees Vanessa J., Jennifer C., Matt M. and Stephen C.

Our Brand Promise: The Right People.

LEMOINE congratulates Sr. Superintendent Danny Bardwell on his retirement

LEMOINE Danny Bardwell retirement

LEMOINE congratulates Sr. Superintendent, Danny Barwell, on his recent retirement and celebrates his contributions to both the organization and construction industry.

Throughout Danny’s 8-year tenure at LEMOINE, he has played an integral role in leading many project teams to great successes.  With five decades in the construction industry, Danny leaves an incredible built legacy in the many projects he has overseen along the Gulf Coast, and an indelible mark on the multitude of people he has encountered along the way. 

Leading such efforts as the National WWII Museum Parking Garage, the Barbara Greenbaum House at Tulane University, Gulf State Park Interpretative Center, and UMC Parking Garage, Danny’s leadership skills and pure love for the craft of construction will be enjoyed by many for generations to come.

Spanning an incredible 50-year career, Danny had the opportunity to work with numerous clients, trade partners, and team members.  Hearing from some of Danny’s teammates through the years illustrates the tenacity Danny brings every day.

LEMOINE Danny Rardwell retirement

There are no challenges.  Only opportunities for success.”  Darren Scott, LEMOINE Lead Estimator recalls Danny sharing these words during their work together at Gulf State Park.  The Interpretive Center, located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, had many opportunities for success.  The unique structure is the educational gateway to the park and is a tangible expression of the vision for Gulf State Park.  The Center was designed to provide a net positive impact to the local environment and features a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly design brought to life by construction. The project was constructed utilizing LEED Platinum and Fortified Commercial certification practices.  In addition, the project is undergoing the review process to achieve a Full Living Certification by the International Living Future Institute. Once formal certification is received, it will be among only 100 projects to achieve this certification in the world.

More recently, Danny prepared for construction efforts at Ochsner Lafayette General’s new parking garage in Lafayette, LA.  The $13 million structure located along South College Avenue is being built to support the increasing needs of Ochsner Lafayette General’s main campus, a 334-bed facility servicing Acadiana and beyond.

Also teaming to construct the 4-story 550-space deck, Bryan Bourque, LEMOINE Project Manager, shared his experience working with Danny.  According to Bryan and others, aside from his abilities as a master-builder, Danny is widely admired as a great teacher.  “With each discussion, Mr. Danny’s love for all things construction became more and more evident.  The lessons I learned from Mr. Danny in these daily talks in just his first couple of weeks on the job far surpassed what I had learned in the weeks leading up to his arrival,” said Bryan. “While his extensive knowledge of construction was very impressive, what was even more meaningful to me was his willingness to freely share that knowledge and the patience he showed while doing it.”  Bryan expressed his gratitude to have worked with Danny, even if for a limited time, and said he will take the many lessons forward in his construction career. 

In retirement, Danny looks forward to spending time with his family, especially his bride Debbie, and grandson Lane.  With his extra time, Danny will soak up more days on his farm in Mississippi, make way for odd-and-end projects at home, devote more time to his dog training hobby, expand his published content, and continue to train the next generation of skilled craftsmen.  

From everyone at ONE LEMOINE, thank you for everything, Danny!  We wish you well!