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November Wellness Champion – Jason Broussard

We’d like to recognize our Lemoine Wellness Champion of the Month for November – Jason Broussard!

 For those of you who don’t know, Jason started with Lemoine in July of 2009 as an Office Engineer assigned to the LGMC Tower Renovation Project. He has since transitioned into his role of Healthcare Project Manager.

To stay healthy, Jason chooses healthier food options, practices portion control when eating, exercises, and counts hunting due to the “bunch of steps walking to the duck blind and fetching ducks in my waders”.

Jason says it starts with healthy eating. “If you are active but don’t eat right, you’re not doing yourself any favors. My wife is a very good planner, so on Saturday evenings we begin to plan our weekly grocery shopping trip to Super One, which takes place every Sunday after 9:00 AM mass. 

We plan our weekly lunches and dinners according to our daughter’s tennis lessons, dancing classes, and late work nights.  Our lunches mostly include a healthy sandwich, portioned Ziploc with chips or pretzels, and a fruit or a quinoa bowl which consist of a protein (mostly chicken or ground turkey meat), vegetables, avocado’s, and black beans. 

Weeknight dinners mostly consist of pasta, grilled chicken and vegetables, and sometimes crock pot meals cooked on Sunday’s for our late nights when we do not have time to cook.  We utilize Pinterest to search for new recipes to not get bored with the same meals week to week”.

Jason shared that he began his journey a couple of years ago when the Wellness Charter was formed. He noticed his healthy was trending in the wrong direction through our annual wellness screenings. As a result, he joined the Wellness Charter.

“Being that I was now on the wellness charter, I knew that I had to begin to set an example and start within to make a difference within the company and follow through with the mission of our charter”. He incorporated exercise into his daily routine and noticed a decline in his weight and waist and an increase in his energy levels.

“I even joined an adult soccer league, but my career ended when I had to get my wife and kids to drive me to LGMC for 3 stitches to my forehead on a Sunday evening.  Some may remember this as we had a quarterly meeting shortly after and I showed up with 2 black eyes”.     

 Jason’s advice for living a healthy lifestyle is to keep changing your routine so you do not get bored. Find an activity that you can do for 30 minutes per day. Do not use the excuse that you did not have time to exercise or workout. Utilize your lunch break, walk for 30 minutes and then eat your lunch. Make time to better yourself.

Awesome job, Jason! We are so proud of you! Keep striving to be a healthier version of yourself every day!

Jason Broussard

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