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LEMOINE Hurricane Ida Update

The hearts of all of us at LEMOINE grieve with those in our home-state of Louisiana who are suffering devastating affects of Hurricane Ida. 
LEMOINE’s Disaster Services and Building Construction teams were engaged in extensive planning and preparatory efforts prior to Ida’s landfall, embedded within multiple facilities during the storm, and further deployed immediately following the catastrophic weather event.  
We were able to immediately initiate deployment of full emergency response services to most of the region’s affected healthcare facilities by providing portable water, electrical power services, and other essential building needs.

LEMOINE Hurricane Ida Update 3

LEMOINE’s active construction sites benefited from the ability and resources of our Disaster Services team, completing assessments of all projects within 24 hours of the events, and restoring full services safely and efficiently.  
Through extensive Trade Partner coordination, we expect to have all job sites assume the normal progression of scheduled construction activities this week.

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LEMOINE Hurricane Ida Update 4

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