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LEMOINE Congratulates Superintendent Lance C. on His Retirement

LEMOINE Congratulates Superintendent Lance C. on His Retirement 2

LEMOINE congratulates Lance C., on his recent retirement and celebrates his contributions to both the organization and construction industry.

Lance has been a valued member of the LEMOINE family since 2009 as a Superintendent with Building Construction. He has provided leadership on many projects, most recently the Central High School and West Jefferson Medical Center projects.

When asked about his experience working with Lance, Cole D., Project Manager said, “Lance’s best quality in my opinion was that he always had his team’s back. Whether that be holding a sub accountable for missed scope or making sure the right people knew when someone on the team was performing well.  Even if he disagreed with my tactics or decisions sometimes, he respected them.”

According to many members of Lance’s teams, his favorite catch phrase was “Finished with that.” “Lance always said when it’s done it’s done. Move past it and on to the next issue to be resolved. Don’t dwell on it and become counterproductive. It’s still a phrase our team uses all the time. In fact, we have a weekly huddle where we go over issues, and when they are complete, they get moved to the ‘Finished with That’ spreadsheet,” says Senior Superintendent, Carl H.

When asked what core value Lance most represents, Carl said, “Relationships – Lance has a genuine way of treating all employees on the jobsite, regardless of status, tenure, or position with the same respect. He appreciates everyone for what value they add to the job and makes efforts to thank them for their work and show appreciation for what they bring to the table. He shared his wealth of knowledge with the rest of us to help our growth. He would never expect or ask anyone to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself, and I think that helped him grow interpersonal relationships and trust amongst the rest of the team.”

From everyone at One LEMOINE, thank you for everything, Lance!  We wish you well!

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