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July Wellness Champion – Vanessa Jarrell

We’d like to recognize our Lemoine Wellness Champion of the Month for July – Vanessa Jarrell!

 For those of you who don’t know, Vanessa came to Lemoine through a temp service due to Hurricane Katrina damaging her home and her work, which allowed her to purchase property in Breaux Bridge. She became full-time at Lemoine in January of 2006. In March of 2013, she left to return to the oil field industry. We are happy that she rejoined the Lemoine Family in March of 2019. She is currently working in our Infrastructure Division as Special Projects Assistant.

To stay healthy, Vanessa starts her day around 4:30am to walk 2 miles. Throughout the day, she drinks lots of water, eats healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and does P-90X or T-25 trainings in the evenings. She ends her night around 9:00pm with a 4-mile walk/run.

When asking Vanessa what motivates her to stay active and healthy, she says “I have always been an active person. I’m very athletic and competitive. What motivates me the most is my mom who fought a 27-year battle with cancer. She focused on her health and eating right along with exercise, even while going through Chemo. Still today when things get tough, I picture her walking those 5K walks to support Miles Perret when she had just completed Chemo the day before. She never quit nor complained about her circumstance! Her positive attitude and giving heart are what drive me each day along with my husband, Scott, who is my biggest supporter”.

Vanessa’s journey has allowed her to lose 25 pounds and 21 ¼ total inches! She shares that she feels amazing, has unlimited energy, and does not require as much sleep. Vanessa’s advice on living a healthy lifestyle is “it starts with you getting up, taking that first step, and just DOING IT! Take care of your body and it will take care of you!”

Awesome job, Vanessa! We are so proud of you! Keep striving to be a healthier version of yourself every day!


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