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February Wellness Champion – Deanna Saizon

We’d like to recognize our Lemoine Wellness Champion of the Month for February- Deanna Saizon!

For those of you who don’t know, Deanna started her journey with Lemoine in June of 2012 as an Accounting / Contract Administrator. She has since transitioned into the position of Executive Assistant for Lenny Lemoine, CEO.

To stay healthy, Deanna is a member of Tribe Fitness gym in Lafayette. Her goal is to try and schedule 2-3 boot camp classes during the week and she takes a spin class on Saturday mornings.

When asking Deanna what motivates her to stay active and healthy, here’s what she said “My family is the biggest motivation to stay healthy and active. Both my husband and I strive to live healthy lives by being active and having a healthy diet. Most importantly though, my children are my true inspiration. Being a mom of two, it can sometimes be a struggle to get to the gym. So many times the kiddos come with me! It always amazes me how ecstatic they are to come with me and how they watch every minute. We always leave the gym and both of them try to mimic the movements in the workout that I did! I only hope that them being a witness to me in the gym will motivate them to always live an active and healthy life!”

Deanna began her journey about a year and a half ago. She states “I have always been an active person. Once I started my family, the daily routine of going to the gym went completely away. Raising children and taking care of my family, along with everyday life obligations, the gym was on the bottom of the list and most likely not happening. I can’t remember the exact day but one and half years ago I decided I needed a change. This is when I became a member of Tribe Fitness and the rest is history as they say!”

“Looking after your health today only gives you a better optimism for tomorrow. Healthy living is a lifelong effect!”

These are some exercise tips for parents from

  • Be active all day
  • Defy the myth of time
  • Define your priorities
  • Cultivate social support
  • Establish family fitness
  • Set goals
  • Put in the effort
  • Be a role model

We are extremely proud of you Deanna! Continue striving to be a healthier version of yourself every day!

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