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December Wellness Champion – Bubba Bonnette

We’d like to recognize our Lemoine Wellness Champion of the Month for December- Bubba Bonnette!

For those of you who don’t know, Bubba began working with us in July of 2018 as a Civil Superintendent. Bubba’s current project is Coulee Ile des Cannes
in Scott, Louisiana.

Bubba has smoked and dipped tobacco for the last 33 years. He recently decided to take advantage of the wellness program offered by The Lemoine Company.
Bubba signed up for the Lemoine Cessation Program. This program is eight weeks long and in his fourth to fifth week (November 6th), Bubba became 100% nicotine and tobacco free!

Bubba explained that the greatest motivator for him to stay healthy and active is his wife, seven children, and his grandson. Bubba knows a huge part of
staying healthy for his family is to remain tobacco free. We asked Bubba, what is one thing about living a healthy lifestyle that you want to share
with others? Bubba said, “living a healthy lifestyle is very important. It takes some discipline, but the rewards are great.”

Because we care about your health, we want to offer the best resources to help you quit nicotine for good. Join the Sterling Wellness Commit to Quit program
and take steps to eliminate nicotine from your life. The eight-week program utilizes new and effective evidence-based strategies, web-based tools along
with support and guidance of a personal health coach. Plus, you can earn 100 wellness points!

Here are some benefits of being tobacco free from

  • Feeling better about yourself and becoming role model for family and friends
  • More stamina for work and play
  • Whiter teeth and fresher breath
  • Cleaner-smelling clothes, furniture, and car
  • Decreasing risk of serious illnesses
  • Freedom from the restrictions of smoking
  • Saving money

An important step in changing any behavior is the ability to visualize success. Picture yourself not using tobacco, healthier, and more energetic than
you have ever been. See yourself moving through the day, free from your tobacco habit. You will be able to accomplish more and achieve greater personal

We are extremely proud of you Bubba! Congratulations on meeting your goal and striving to be a healthier you!

Bubba Bonnette


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