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Bryan O. Joins ENR Texas Louisiana to Break Down the Baton Rouge City Scoop

LEMOINE Vice President of Building Construction, Bryan O., joined ENR Texas Louisiana to break down the construction forecast in last month’s edition of Baton Rouge City Scoop.


“Many industrial, turnaround and expansion projects that were postponed during 2020-2021 are now underway,” says Bryan. This brings renewed confidence that the construction industry in Baton Rouge is trending toward recovery following the COVID-19 Pandemic. Additionally, Bryan notes that there are ongoing discussions and planning for a monumental project with potential to majorly impact Baton Rouge: a new Mississippi River bridge including a high-speed passenger rail to New Orleans. For LEMOINE specifically, the recently completed BTR9 distribution center and the ongoing expansion and renovation at the Baton Rouge Zoo and Greenwood Park, have been exciting efforts in the Baton Rouge market in recent years.

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Ongoing concerns with rising interest rates and material pricing escalation and distribution delays are ever present. While these factors pose challenges to current and future projects, Bryan remains optimistic about the Baton Rouge construction forecast.

“All things considered, we are optimistic and bullish on our continued growth in the Baton Rouge region and beyond.”

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