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LEMOINE Safety Stand Down

The Stand Down was created by OSHA in 2014 as part of the National Falls Campaign to raise awareness surrounding the severity of fall hazards in construction and the importance of preventing them.  Falls from roofs, leading edges, ladders and scaffolding continue to be the leading cause of death in all industries.  It’s an opportunity for us at LEMOINE to pause work and have specific conversations with th1,500 or so workers we are responsible for on a daily basis about fall hazards, fall protection measures, what we know happens when fall protection is used properly and a fall occurs, LEMOINE’s safe work practices, goals, and expectations.  This event also adds to the cultural desire that workers be empowered to talk to their supervisor about what they are see in the field.   

Falls can be prevented if we:

  • Use fall protection at heights greater than 6′
  • Plan ahead to get the job done safely and discuss that plan in a daily JSA
  • Provide the right fall protection equipment for the job
  • Train everyone to use the fall protection correctly
  • Inspect fall protection equipment daily

LEMOINE Safety Week Focus Topics


Start with a Plan:  6 Steps to a Fall Protection Plan

For every job that is to be done that involves the risk of a fall, there must be a Fall Protection Plan in place. These should be addressed in the SSSP and discussed in Pre-Install meetings. Join us as we discuss this plan, and what to do in case of an emergency.


SSSP and Pre-Installs

The Site-Specific Safety Plan is critical in the preparation of our Trade Partners approach to performing task requiring Fall Protection Planning with ALL identified risk having appropriate control measures in place. This plan, along with a thorough discussion in the Pre-Installation Meeting, allows the Project Team to assess their thought process and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the SSSP. We will discuss the importance of a comprehensive SSSP review during Pre-Installation Meetings.


Inspections Save Lives: Fall Equipment Inspections

Whether it is your harness, lanyard, SRL, or anchor point; everyone needs to know how to inspect their equipment. We will show you how to inspect your equipment prior to each use. These inspections can save your life.


Selecting the Right Fall Protection

From harness to lanyard, to anchors to SRL, it is important to identify which combination of Fall Protection Equipment is appropriate for the height that you will be performing your work. We will review the Fall Protection Poster to identify key distance factors involved in selecting the proper fall equipment and anchor points.


Hierarchy of Fall Protection

Reducing or eliminating the fall hazard is always the first step in fall protection safety. As the steps in the hierarchy progress, so does the risk. We will identify the 5 Steps of Fall Protection Management. Step 1: Eliminate the Fall Hazard, Step 2: Passive Fall Restraint, Step 3: Active Fall Restraint, Step 4: Fall Arrest, Step 5: Controlled Access Zones.

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Foundations for Success: Safety

  • We ensure safety is first in all that we do
  • We live and enforce the LIFE Program
  • We never compromise safety for the sake of schedule or cost
  • We train our people in all aspects of safety