LEMOINE Hurricane Ida Update

The hearts of all of us at LEMOINE grieve with those in our home-state of Louisiana who are suffering devastating affects of Hurricane Ida. 
LEMOINE’s Disaster Services and Building Construction teams were engaged in extensive planning and preparatory efforts prior to Ida’s landfall, embedded within multiple facilities during the storm, and further deployed immediately following the catastrophic weather event.  
We were able to immediately initiate deployment of full emergency response services to most of the region’s affected healthcare facilities by providing portable water, electrical power services, and other essential building needs.

LEMOINE’s active construction sites benefited from the ability and resources of our Disaster Services team, completing assessments of all projects within 24 hours of the events, and restoring full services safely and efficiently.  
Through extensive Trade Partner coordination, we expect to have all job sites assume the normal progression of scheduled construction activities this week.

Making Headlines: LEMOINE’s Earl L. leads mentorship initiative – Project Choices

Louisiana teens in a criminal justice diversion program are receiving support from a new adventure based mentorship initiative – Project Choices.

A partnership between 100 Black Men of Greater Lafayette, Team Adventure Games and the 15th Judicial District Court’s Juvenile Specialty Court, Project Choices aims to provide teenagers mentorship and self-esteem building.

The group is structured to meet once monthly with LEMOINE team member and Team Adventure Games President, Earl LeBlanc. LeBlanc and select court staff lead teens through team building and self-discovery exercises embedded in hands-on learning games.

LeBlanc has led his program for 25 years and says the process allows participants a door to explore their emotions, goals, and challenges while learning coping skills and tools for success through problem-solving and engagement.

Program participants range from 15 to 18 years of age, struggle with substance abuse and addiction issues, and have been referred to the court’s diversion program by the district attorney’s office, attorneys, and probation officers.

Read the full story by The Acadiana Advocate HERE.

The Lemoine Company Expands Under New ONE LEMOINE Brand Philosophy

Expansion of Disaster Services, Launch of Program Services

The Lemoine Company, Louisiana’s largest commercial construction company, has announced the expansion of its service lines beyond the construction sector, now unified under the ONE LEMOINE brand philosophy.  Recognized for the last 50 years as an industry leader in commercial building construction, LEMOINE has launched a full suite of services to complement its core business, Building Construction.

LEMOINE Service Lines

•  Disaster Services

•  Program Services

  Building Construction

•  Infrastructure

“Our world has presented some unique challenges over the last few years. As LEMOINE has always done, we have responded to those challenges by expanding our core business to serve the public and private sectors where they need our expertise,” said CEO Lenny Lemoine. “We are actively looking for opportunities to grow and to further develop our service delivery.”

“LEMOINE’s success is cultivated by our philosophy of building authentic, lasting relationships.  Strategic partnerships are the key to delivering the results our customers expect. We have used our experience, industry resources, and superior talent to form the ONE LEMOINE philosophy. Our service lines deliberately connect to support the full building lifecycle and the communities we serve,” added Lenny Lemoine.

To further strengthen our service delivery, LEMOINE recently acquired DCMC Partners, a crisis management and public safety consulting firm that helps public, non-profit, and private sector organizations effectively prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from disasters. LEMOINE Disaster Services and DCMC are currently assisting the Diocese of Lake Charles with its recovery following Hurricane Laura and is supporting the Puerto Rico Department of Housing’s recovery from Hurricane Maria. 

Since 2017, DCMC has been instrumental in resolving many of the most significant problems that surfaced during Puerto Rico’s response and recovery efforts.  DCMC has led response operations, established framework for long-term recovery, and initiated Puerto Rico’s project formulation and grants management operations.

LEMOINE also recently acquired a financial interest in Workforce Group, a worldwide leader in disaster recovery program management, inspections and claims, debris monitoring and strategic surge staffing.

The firm’s expanded offerings also include the May 2021 launch of LEMOINE Program Services, led by Jack Darnall.  Darnall is well-known nationally, dedicating four decades to the industry, and providing innovative solutions in construction and project management. LEMOINE Program Services provides expert guidance in planning, execution, and delivery of program goals, schedules, and budgets.

Bernhard Capital Partners, a Baton Rouge based investment firm founded by former Shaw Group CEO Jim Bernhard, acquired a financial interest in LEMOINE in 2019.  Since that time, Bernhard Capital has supported LEMOINE’s strategic plan to expand its service delivery.

LEMOINE is currently assisting clients in over 20 states and Puerto Rico. Based in Louisiana, LEMOINE has offices in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, Birmingham, AL, Houston, TX, Alexandria, VA, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

McNeese State’s Health and Human Performance Complex on track

LEMOINE construction disaster Lake Charles

The Health and Human Performance Complex, epicenter of McNeese State’s athletics facilities, suffered significant damage during Hurricane Laura last year.

The $45 million facility opened in 2018 and is home to McNeese State’s basketball teams, women’s volleyball team, an athletic training center, classrooms, and administrative offices. 

LEMOINE has been on-site providing remediation and reconstruction of the facility which was left with ankle-deep water and numerous holes in the ceiling.  Despite an influx of rain over the past several months, prompting additional local flooding, the $20+ million repair project is on track for December completion.  

“I feel very confident that we will be playing our league games on campus,” Athletic Director Heath Schroyer told The American Press. “I get reports every Friday from The Lemoine Company and things are looking better and better each week.”

McNeese played their last season 3 miles away in their former longtime home, Burton Coliseum.

“I think they are doing a great job and setting a great pace,” Schroyer said. “I never would have thought we could be back playing our conference games in the arena this year.”

LEMOINE construction disaster Lake Charles
Image Credit: American Press

Lemoine appoints new leadership to support growth, diversification of services.

Lemoine has made several organizational enhancements to support the firm’s continued growth.  William Lemoine has been named President of Vertical Construction, overseeing commercial and healthcare building companywide.  Three vice presidents have been named to support the geographic expansion of projects within this sector.  Wills Hover will oversee Lemoine’s Healthcare Construction Division;  Bryan O’Connor and Ben Simms will provide leadership for all Commercial Construction projects.

Mike Lemoine, Jason Miranda, and Tim Burdette will continue to operate as Construction Operations Managers for Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Healthcare, respectively.

Mike Rice has been named President of Disaster Services.  He will lead Lemoine’s operations in the disaster space, overseeing Program Management, Public Assistance, Disaster Response and Construction.

Mike will be supported by Will Rachal, Vice President of Disaster Program Management; Andrew Sexton, Vice President of Disaster Construction; and Barry Scanlon, President of DCMC.

January Wellness Champion – Belinda Rhodes

We’d like to recognize our Lemoine Wellness Champion of the Month for January – Belinda Rhodes!

For those of you who don’t know, Belinda started with Lemoine in 2006 as the Receptionist. Since then, she has worn many hats but currently serves as our Administrative Assistant for Estimating and Office Manager for the Lafayette Office location.

During the Stay-at-Home order, Belinda started walking an hour every morning and an hour every evening. She says this routine was helpful to her physical and mental well-being. She has continued to walk since returning to work in our office.

Belinda shares on her health journey, “I think good health is truly a blessing which I have always had. It was a real shock when I was diagnosed with diabetes at the end of 2020. With the help of our Lemoine Health Coach, I increased my exercise routine and was more conscience of my diet. After three months, my A1C dropped along with 9 pounds. After seeing my results, I am even more motivated to continue doing what I can to stay healthy now. Staying active and doing what we can to live a healthy lifestyle is so important to everything we do”.

Belinda’s advice to other coworkers is to use the resources that Lemoine offers for health and fitness. “I was very impressed with our health coach and the help she provided me”.

Awesome job, Belinda (Mrs. B)! We are so proud of you! Keep striving to be a healthier version of yourself every day!

December Wellness Champion – Kelly Delahoussaye

We’d like to recognize our Lemoine Wellness Champion of the Month for December – Kelly Delahoussaye!

For those of you who don’t know, Kelly started working at Lemoine 10 years ago! His first project was Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Lafayette. He was hired as a Carpenter and has since transitioned to an Assistant Superintendent running the Children’s Hospital Expansion.

To stay healthy, Kelly chooses to eat fresh food and workout. He runs 2 miles twice a week.

He is motivated to be healthy because a healthy routine allows him to have more energy and feel good about his appearance.

Kelly started this journey after receiving his company health screen results a couple of years ago. He saw that improvements were necessary to be healthy. In the last year, Kelly has really put a focus on trying to lose excess weight. He committed to eating healthier and pushing himself to workout at least 3 times a week. Since last year, Kelly’s dedication to that regimen helped him lose 25 pounds!That was my goal to target and I met it and have been maintaining”.

Kelly’s advice to living a healthy lifestyle is “living a healthy lifestyle is easy, once you start it just becomes second nature and is easy to maintain”.

Awesome job, Kelly! We are so proud of you! Keep striving to be a healthier version of yourself every day!


Lemoine Projects Earn “Award of Excellence” from ABC Pelican Chapter

LEMOINE Lafayette Louisiana Building Construction

Congratulations to the following project teams who have received honors from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Pelican Chapter’s 2020 Excellence in Construction Awards Competition.  Teams will be honored at an awards banquet tonight in Baton Rouge.

Projects will now move onto the National Awards Competition where they will have the opportunity to gain national exposure.

The following projects received an “Award of Excellence

Name of Project:       Our Saviors Church, Opelousas

Entry Category:        Institutional Projects ($10 – $25 million)

Name of Project:       The Heritage at Cajun Village (ULL)

Entry Category:        Residential: Multifamily and Condominium up to $100 million




November Wellness Champion – Jason Broussard

Lemoine Construction Project Manager

We’d like to recognize our Lemoine Wellness Champion of the Month for November – Jason Broussard!

 For those of you who don’t know, Jason started with Lemoine in July of 2009 as an Office Engineer assigned to the LGMC Tower Renovation Project. He has since transitioned into his role of Healthcare Project Manager.

To stay healthy, Jason chooses healthier food options, practices portion control when eating, exercises, and counts hunting due to the “bunch of steps walking to the duck blind and fetching ducks in my waders”.

Jason says it starts with healthy eating. “If you are active but don’t eat right, you’re not doing yourself any favors. My wife is a very good planner, so on Saturday evenings we begin to plan our weekly grocery shopping trip to Super One, which takes place every Sunday after 9:00 AM mass. 

We plan our weekly lunches and dinners according to our daughter’s tennis lessons, dancing classes, and late work nights.  Our lunches mostly include a healthy sandwich, portioned Ziploc with chips or pretzels, and a fruit or a quinoa bowl which consist of a protein (mostly chicken or ground turkey meat), vegetables, avocado’s, and black beans. 

Weeknight dinners mostly consist of pasta, grilled chicken and vegetables, and sometimes crock pot meals cooked on Sunday’s for our late nights when we do not have time to cook.  We utilize Pinterest to search for new recipes to not get bored with the same meals week to week”.

Jason shared that he began his journey a couple of years ago when the Wellness Charter was formed. He noticed his healthy was trending in the wrong direction through our annual wellness screenings. As a result, he joined the Wellness Charter.

“Being that I was now on the wellness charter, I knew that I had to begin to set an example and start within to make a difference within the company and follow through with the mission of our charter”. He incorporated exercise into his daily routine and noticed a decline in his weight and waist and an increase in his energy levels.

“I even joined an adult soccer league, but my career ended when I had to get my wife and kids to drive me to LGMC for 3 stitches to my forehead on a Sunday evening.  Some may remember this as we had a quarterly meeting shortly after and I showed up with 2 black eyes”.     

 Jason’s advice for living a healthy lifestyle is to keep changing your routine so you do not get bored. Find an activity that you can do for 30 minutes per day. Do not use the excuse that you did not have time to exercise or workout. Utilize your lunch break, walk for 30 minutes and then eat your lunch. Make time to better yourself.

Awesome job, Jason! We are so proud of you! Keep striving to be a healthier version of yourself every day!

October Wellness Champion – Travis Priour

We’d like to recognize our Lemoine Wellness Champion of the Month for October – Travis Priour!

 For those of you who don’t know, Travis started with Lemoine in January 2019 as a Project Manager. He is currently working on our Lafayette Airport project.

To stay healthy, Travis makes healthy choices for meals and snacks, “though I do throw in a cheat meals here and there”. He avoids eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Travis and his wife cook healthy dinner recipes 5-6 days a week to which he brings leftovers for lunch the following day. He can better control his portions and the food he eats by having it prepared in advance. He also avoids soda and caffeine and chooses to drink water, Gatorade (low/zero sugar) and milk.

When asking Travis what motivates him to stay active and healthy, he says:

  1. to prolong my lifespan and be there for my wife and kids as long as I can
  2. stress management
  3. mental sharpness and drive
  4. maintaining personal discipline that transfers over into other tasks during the day
  5. overall feeling of great well-being, self-esteem, and the enjoyment of exercise
  6. being physically able to accomplish any demanding tasks
  7. lower medical costs and reduced health risks caused by poor diet and exercise
  8. by putting in the work, I don’t feel guilty for splurging on good food (sometimes unhealthy) that I enjoy

When asking Travis to give advice about living a healthy lifestyle, he says “The benefits of living healthy far outweigh the risks of not that it would be better decision to choose to, anyway someone could, develop a positive approach to diet and exercise if they have not.  Referring back to my list above, those are only a few of the many benefits that come from living a healthy lifestyle”.

Awesome job, Travis! We are so proud of you! Keep striving to be a healthier version of yourself every day!