Making Headlines: LEMOINE’s Wills H. discusses 1LEMOINE with Construction Today

Recently, Wills H., Vice President of Healthcare for LEMOINE Building Construction, spoke to Construction Today to discuss the 1LEMOINE philosophy and to highlight some of our most complex projects in the healthcare sector.

“Fifty years of construction experience, industry resources, and superior talent form the bedrock of the 1LEMOINE philosophy. Our service lines deliberately connect to support the full building lifecycle, leveraging our expertise every step of the way.”

The six-page article goes on to highlight the expansion and renovation project at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, which began in early 2017 and is set to be completed this fall. Throughout the lifecycle of this project, nearly 75 distinct phases of work have been executed across the campus. The renovation of the West Jefferson Medical Center is also detailed, another major and complex project that is being completed while patients continue to receive care within the facility.

As only Wills can, he eloquently described the culture and philosophies that are key differentiators for LEMOINE.

“Furthermore, despite our tremendous growth, there is still a close-knit feeling of family and community, which allows us to consistently rank as a ‘Best Places to Work’ in the communities we serve. As an employer, we continue an upward growth trajectory, which creates additional opportunities for our team members to advance their careers.”

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Making Headlines: LEMOINE’s Earl L. leads mentorship initiative – Project Choices

Louisiana teens in a criminal justice diversion program are receiving support from a new adventure based mentorship initiative – Project Choices.

A partnership between 100 Black Men of Greater Lafayette, Team Adventure Games and the 15th Judicial District Court’s Juvenile Specialty Court, Project Choices aims to provide teenagers mentorship and self-esteem building.

The group is structured to meet once monthly with LEMOINE team member and Team Adventure Games President, Earl LeBlanc. LeBlanc and select court staff lead teens through team building and self-discovery exercises embedded in hands-on learning games.

LeBlanc has led his program for 25 years and says the process allows participants a door to explore their emotions, goals, and challenges while learning coping skills and tools for success through problem-solving and engagement.

Program participants range from 15 to 18 years of age, struggle with substance abuse and addiction issues, and have been referred to the court’s diversion program by the district attorney’s office, attorneys, and probation officers.

Read the full story by The Acadiana Advocate HERE.

The Lemoine Company Expands Under New ONE LEMOINE Brand Philosophy

Expansion of Disaster Services, Launch of Program Services

The Lemoine Company, Louisiana’s largest commercial construction company, has announced the expansion of its service lines beyond the construction sector, now unified under the ONE LEMOINE brand philosophy.  Recognized for the last 50 years as an industry leader in commercial building construction, LEMOINE has launched a full suite of services to complement its core business, Building Construction.

LEMOINE Service Lines

•  Disaster Services

•  Program Services

  Building Construction

•  Infrastructure

“Our world has presented some unique challenges over the last few years. As LEMOINE has always done, we have responded to those challenges by expanding our core business to serve the public and private sectors where they need our expertise,” said CEO Lenny Lemoine. “We are actively looking for opportunities to grow and to further develop our service delivery.”

“LEMOINE’s success is cultivated by our philosophy of building authentic, lasting relationships.  Strategic partnerships are the key to delivering the results our customers expect. We have used our experience, industry resources, and superior talent to form the ONE LEMOINE philosophy. Our service lines deliberately connect to support the full building lifecycle and the communities we serve,” added Lenny Lemoine.

To further strengthen our service delivery, LEMOINE recently acquired DCMC Partners, a crisis management and public safety consulting firm that helps public, non-profit, and private sector organizations effectively prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from disasters. LEMOINE Disaster Services and DCMC are currently assisting the Diocese of Lake Charles with its recovery following Hurricane Laura and is supporting the Puerto Rico Department of Housing’s recovery from Hurricane Maria. 

Since 2017, DCMC has been instrumental in resolving many of the most significant problems that surfaced during Puerto Rico’s response and recovery efforts.  DCMC has led response operations, established framework for long-term recovery, and initiated Puerto Rico’s project formulation and grants management operations.

LEMOINE also recently acquired a financial interest in Workforce Group, a worldwide leader in disaster recovery program management, inspections and claims, debris monitoring and strategic surge staffing.

The firm’s expanded offerings also include the May 2021 launch of LEMOINE Program Services, led by Jack Darnall.  Darnall is well-known nationally, dedicating four decades to the industry, and providing innovative solutions in construction and project management. LEMOINE Program Services provides expert guidance in planning, execution, and delivery of program goals, schedules, and budgets.

Bernhard Capital Partners, a Baton Rouge based investment firm founded by former Shaw Group CEO Jim Bernhard, acquired a financial interest in LEMOINE in 2019.  Since that time, Bernhard Capital has supported LEMOINE’s strategic plan to expand its service delivery.

LEMOINE is currently assisting clients in over 20 states and Puerto Rico. Based in Louisiana, LEMOINE has offices in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, Birmingham, AL, Houston, TX, Alexandria, VA, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.